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Today’s buyers have unlimited choices, making it harder to keep customers and earn new ones. The deciding factor for a purchase often comes down to the relationship a customer has with the business, making every interaction a crucial touchpoint. With important communications coming from transactional emails like order confirmations, billing notifications, and updates that occur when customers interact with your business, as well as the sales and marketing messages to create and nurture customer relationships, it’s critical that communications are unified and create a cohesive experience.

This can be hard for growing businesses, as transactional communications often come from tools outside of sales and marketing, making it difficult to align messages — until today, as ActiveCampaign announces a way to bring these messages together like never before.

Today I’m proud to share that ActiveCampaign has acquired Postmark, now ActiveCampaign Postmark. ActiveCampaign and Postmark users will be able to bring their customer communications together to ensure a great customer experience, regardless of communication type. Postmark joins ActiveCampaign to ensure customers feel that every communication adds to the relationship. No more fragmented messages and separate conversations coming from marketing, sales, and transactional events, but rather a single stream of communication to create a positive customer experience to grow your business.

Customers of both ActiveCampaign and Postmark rely on the leading deliverability offered by both platforms. Alongside Postmark, DMARC Digests, Postmark’s email authentication and monitoring service, also joins ActiveCampaign. DMARC Digests makes it easy to identify authentication issues causing DMARC failures and resolve problems that impact deliverability, providing piece-of-mind that emails are being delivered.

The same team that has built Postmark to date will join ActiveCampaign in its entirety, and are already making investments into the team, keeping in our tradition of product investment and innovation.

What does this mean for Postmark and DMARC Digests customers today?

  • ActiveCampaign is a product-first company and we invest more in R&D than the competition. While some companies focus on combining processes or tools during an acquisition, our first priority was and will continue to be our roadmap for innovation.
  • ActiveCampaign’s Customer Success Commitment of value, service, trust, and access will serve to elevate where Postmark already wins. ActiveCampaign is committed to customer success and will not be raising prices on Postmark and DMARC Digests customers, while also investing in the resources that make Postmark a winning solution for growing businesses.
  • We’re committed to transactional email, so much so that we’re not only welcoming the entire Postmark and DMARC Digests teams to ActiveCampaign, but we’re growing the teams starting day 1.
  • Privacy, security, and deliverability will continue to be top priorities for ActiveCampaign and Postmark. Infrastructure will continue to be a key area of ​​investment.
  • Service is critical to Postmark and DMARC Digests customers, and the same team you know and love today will continue to support all of Postmark and DMARC Digests customers.

What does this mean for Postmark and ActiveCampaign customers in the near future?

  • The ability to unify your message, voice, brand, and customer data to create a conversation across sales, marketing, and transactional events.
  • The ability to understand all your customer data and gain a full picture of your communications, allowing you to send the right message, personalized in the right way, at the right time.
  • Customers can look forward to a seamless integration between the two platforms, which will allow ActiveCampaign users to send a transactional email via an automation – a seamless drag and drop builder and out-of-the-box automations harness the power of transactional email. This will join a commitment to developers that a code-based approach will not only remain, but be a focus of innovation. Code or no code, the choice is yours!
  • ActiveCampaign brings enterprise power to businesses of all sizes. We’re a leader in marketing automation and make automation possible for everyone, regardless of expertise, with pre-built recipes and an intuitive visual automation builder. We’re now committing to being the first platform to bring recipes to transactional email.

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