Instagram’s Chief Outlines the Key Areas of Focus for the App in 2022

We saw Instagram in 2021 copy practically everything TikTok has to offer, and according to Instagram boss Adam Mosseri, you can expect even more of this in 2022 as the platform plans to focus on its key growth areas – and specifically on consolidating its video formats to maximize engagement.

In the video above, in which Mosseri sums up the past year, he also says that Instagram will focus on two key issues in 2022 – “video and control”.

On the video front, Mosseri says – you guessed it – roles will remain the focus:

“We will double our focus on video and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels.”

the Rise and Rise of TikTok has consequently increased the pressure on Instagram, which was once the premier platform for young people to network, and since then IG has tried to catch up in every possible way, which has resulted in mixed results from perception and use of the Viewpoint.

But from a general use standpoint, these efforts have worked. As early as June, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that Roles were those the biggest contributor to engagement growth on Instagram, and with the wider consumer shift towards short videos, it makes sense for Instagram to also move with the times and align with what people want to see.

So how will that look in practice?

We’re already seeing it, as Reels clips are now built into your main Instagram feed, while Instagram is too has merged its video formats back in October, and has been automatic ever since insert shorter videos into Reels clips by default what it looks like to expand the reach and exposure of the roles.

At some point – and I’ve been saying this for a few years now – I suspect that Instagram will open up to a full-screen reels / stories feed and move away from the traditional home stream of static posts, which is much more formatting on the, and make it the primary connection option, again more in line with TikTok.

Is it good? Will it help Instagram slow down TikTok’s momentum?

Much depends on your personal perspective, but for Instagram and parent company Meta, the numbers will tell the ultimate story. Even if you think their replication efforts are a little cheap and cheesy, if it does add engagement …

Mosseri also points out that Instagram will try to make messaging a bigger focal point in the app, which is now “the main way people connect online,” while it will also try to bring more monetization tools for YouTubers into the To record the app.

And the final element of focus is transparency and more insight into “how Instagram works”.

That will likely come in the form of Instagram chronological feed togglewhich makes it easy for users to switch to a reverse chronological post feed – although this is not a saveable option (i.e. you have to manually switch to the chronological feed every time you open the app).

It will be interesting to see what other elements of transparency Instagram is trying to implement to give users more control over their experience, and overall, it will be interesting to see whether Instagram’s continued foray into TikTok-like territory will be its salvation or its death knell .

I mean, Instagram is far from failing in that regard. The app has more than a billion users (supposedly Instagram now has more than 2 billion users, but that number hasn’t been officially confirmed) and it’s still a major connection option for many, while its e-commerce push is also triggering new behaviors and trends in the app.

There are many ways for Instagram to stay relevant and strong – but whether it will help keep connecting with younger audiences once it becomes more like TikTok is unclear.

Perhaps it can lure more big names into its app through expanded possibilities for developers and away from TikTok, which will be an important path for further growth, or perhaps Instagram will have a new form of relevance in the coming with the upcoming AR wearables from Meta AR shift.

There is still a lot to come and it can change a lot at IG.

Plus, more TikTok – you’ll see more and more TikTok-like items as it has become the norm for the app.

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